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Feast Rising Bakery – Flour, water, and how you handle the dough

Welcome to the world of creative video productions! We’re the team that brings your brand to life with captivating videos. Whether you’re a small start-up or a renowned international brand, we’ve got you covered. Our camera lenses have captured breathtaking aerial shots of the countryside and filmed the famous Scottish Widows right in the heart of Edinburgh. Each project takes us on a fascinating behind-the-scenes journey. But there’s one specific type of project that gets our creative juices flowing – filming food!

Behind the Scenes: Filming Food with Passion

Join us behind the scenes at Feast Rising Bakery, a hidden gem on Arthur Street in Hull. It’s the brainchild of the incredibly skilled Patrick Crabtree, also known as the Buddhist baker. This place is a haven for food lovers, where Patrick’s delectable creations take center stage. But there’s more to Patrick’s story than meets the eye. We couldn’t resist creating a captivating video that combines stunning shots of Patrick at work with engaging anecdotes about his journey. From working as a chef to baking bread in pubs, Patrick took a leap of faith and started his own business. And boy, has it been a resounding success! His unwavering passion for baking shines through in his down-to-earth way of speaking. Oh, and let’s not forget the hilarious footage of kids using baguettes as lightsabers – a truly memorable sight!

Discovering Feast Rising Bakery

Our cameras rolled in two locations for this project, capturing the essence of Patrick’s craft. The bakery itself served as the perfect backdrop for close-up shots of Patrick’s meticulous baking process. We got incredible footage from the back of the oven and even inside the kitchen sink! Our goal was to present the art of baking from a truly unique perspective – through the eyes of the bread itself.

Nature’s Influence: A Visit to Beverley Westwood

To truly understand Patrick’s philosophy and the vital connection he sees between nature and his craft, we ventured to Beverley Westwood. The scenic surroundings beautifully complemented his approach to life and his work. Cleanup was a breeze – we left the crumbs for the local wildlife to enjoy. And those playful kids? They’re the mini Emmersons, who knows, they might just follow in our footsteps one day and turn Frog into a true family business!

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The Team Behind the Scenes

Behind every great video production lies a team of talented individuals. Cairn Emmerson directed and shot this project with unwavering passion, while Aimee Bant expertly served as the Production Assistant and B-camera operator. Julian Ogino-Stamford from Ogino Japanese Restaurant, who we filmed another brand project for, captured behind-the-scenes photography, lending an extra touch of visual magic. Speaking of food, Patrick even whipped up a mouthwatering pizza during our shoot, allowing us to capture tantalizing shots of its creation.

Sharing Patrick’s Joy Through Video

Patrick’s incredible skills bring joy to people in the region. We strongly believe his story deserves to be shared, just like his delicious bread. We’re thrilled with how this video turned out. It captures the essence of Feast Rising Bakery – patience, attention to detail, boundless creativity, and the ultimate reward of enjoying a well-deserved treat after a hard day’s work.

Unveiling the Essence of Feast Rising Bakery

At Frog, we take immense pride in listening to our customers’ stories. With our extensive experience in art direction and creative video productions, we expertly create storyboards that reflect your unique vision and brand identity. Our goal is to transform your everyday job into a visually stunning and captivating journey that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Ready to Turn Your Story into Visual Magic?

If you’re ready to embark on a visual journey that will captivate and engage your audience, look no further. Contact us today and let our team of passionate filmmakers bring your brand story to life through our creative video productions. Get ready to mesmerise your audience with the power of captivating visuals!

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