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Maintaining an online presence goes beyond mere website ownership. It requires ensuring that your organisation is readily visible to prospective clients seeking your products or services. We specialise in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Content Marketing, a comprehensive strategy designed to secure your business a prime spot on search engine results pages (SERPs).

How long will it take to see results?

Implementing a fruitful content marketing strategy demands perseverance, time, and unwavering commitment to observe outcomes – it is not an overnight miracle.
We have witnessed progress in a short span of just three weeks, whereas there have also been scenarios where it took nine to twelve months for discernible shifts to occur. We put forth our utmost effort to hasten the process of achieving results, but the final call is ultimately made by Google.

The unique characteristic of content marketing is its potential for compounding – a steadfast adherence to the strategy is crucial.
If you are in a rush for immediate outcomes, this approach might not be suitable. However, if you possess the necessary time, resources, and patience, we should certainly have a discussion.

SEO and Content Marketing - Website traffic growth and scaling

Why you should invest in SEO/Content marketing, rather than paid Ads?

In reality, high-quality organic traffic is fundamentally more valuable than leads generated from paid sources. The initial step a potential customer takes in their purchasing journey carries significant psychological weight, and the authenticity of this experience can greatly influence its ultimate outcome.

The crux of the matter is attracting the right kind of organic traffic. These individuals are tactically guided to your website with the intention of joining your audience and eventually transforming into your loyal customers.

Our SEO Services Include:

  • Keyword Research: Identifying the most relevant keywords potential clients use to search for businesses like yours.
  • On-Page SEO: Optimising your website’s content and meta tags to enable search engines to easily understand your website’s purpose.
  • Off-Page SEO: Building high-quality backlinks to increase your website’s authority and ranking in search engines.
  • Technical SEO: Ensuring your website operates swiftly and securely and is easy to navigate, providing an exceptional user experience.
  • Local SEO: If you are a local business, we optimise your website to appear in local search results, increasing local traffic to your site.
  • Content Creation: Creating superior, SEO-friendly content that engages your audience and enhances your website’s ranking.

6 reasons to Choose Frog Marketing for SEO

1. Firstly, you don't have to!

We’ve written a very comprehensive article on how to SEO your own website! We guide you through the whole process, from start to finish, with a load of theory to help you understand the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation. If you’d prefer to outsource the work, here are some great reasons to choose Frog to do the heavy lifting for you…

2. Extensive Expertise and Experience

Our considerable tenure in the digital marketing sector has fostered a team of SEO experts skilled in the most current SEO strategies and techniques. We stay abreast of fluctuations in search engine algorithms, enabling us to revise and update your SEO strategies as necessary.

3. Bespoke SEO Strategy

We recognise that every business is unique and requires an equally unique SEO strategy. Our team conducts an exhaustive analysis of your business, your sector and your competitors to formulate an SEO strategy tailored to your specific requirements and goals. Even the above packages are tailored to your business.

4. Transparent

We value transparency with our clients. We use a combination of our in-house copywriter, our local freelance partner and also AI tools (officially acceptable to Google!).  Yep. ChatGPT and several other products. Surely that’s cheating? Surely that creates rubbish content. Actually, we use AI tools, because it efficiently allows us to create keyword-centric, well-optimised copy. All copy is checked for plagiarism (Google loves unique copy), and we don’t want you to get into trouble for copyright  infringement! It’s generally used for idea generation, research and meta-tag generation. All articles are edited by hand. We build links within your copy to pages and posts around your website and to external high authority sites (Google rewards this too). This makes for a richer user experience and again, the search engines love to spider-crawl around your pages.

5. Ethical SEO Practices

We are committed to employing only white-hat SEO practices. This approach ensures your website enjoys not just a temporary boost in ranking, but a sustained position over the long term. We are dedicated to providing ethical, sustainable SEO services.

6. Comprehensive SEO Services

Our SEO services encompass everything from keyword research and on-page SEO to link building and content creation. We ensure that all facets of your website are optimised for search engines.

OUR "Off-the-shelf"

This service is limited to a small number of clients due to the intensity and manual workload required.

Essentials SEO

£ 590 per month
  • Technical SEO Audit
  • 5 Competitors Tracked
  • Keyword Research
  • 125 Tracked Keywords
  • 1 blog post per week
  • Alt tags
  • Internal Link Building
  • Each Blog posted on Social (upto 4 channels)

Growth SEO

£ 950 per month
  • Technical SEO Audit
  • 7 Competitors Tracked
  • Keyword Research
  • 175 Tracked Keywords
  • 2 blog posts per week
  • Alt tags
  • Internal Link Building
  • Each Blog posted on Social (upto 4 channels)

Accelerator SEO

£ 1490 per month
  • Technical SEO Audit
  • 10 Competitors Tracked
  • Keyword Research
  • 250 Tracked Keywords
  • 3 blog posts per week
  • Alt tags
  • Internal Link Building
  • Each Blog posted on Social (upto 7 channels)
  • Google Business Profile
    Facebook Profile
    Twitter Profile
    LinkedIn Profile

Will SEO and Content marketing help my business?

Pre-defined packages are not suitable for every customer. They’re great value and aim to provide an excellent return, however, optimising your online presence for growth in traffic and subsequently sales, takes time, consistency and patience.

We will also tell you upfront if we don’t think you will get the expected results. For example, if your website photography is not great or your copy does not convert, SEO budget will be wasted. We are looking for clients that want growth, and want to work as a team with us to achieve that growth.

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