We create immersive soundscapes for art installations, museums and sound design for film

A well-crafted, immersive soundscape can carry people away in their mind to wherever you want to take them. They’re also great memory triggers, so they can be paired with an ad to remind the listener of what you’re advertising at the essential time. 

Ever wondered why Coca Cola spend so much on those song-accompanied coke-truck adverts every winter? Now you know!

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Great content for audio ads, social media, or accompaniment

Soundscapes can take great effect in a range of hard-to-reach places. Advertise effectively between tracks on Spotify or YouTube, communicate on audio-based social media or accompany almost any message to best effect.

Perfect for a Range of Purposes

Enjoy and rely on beautifully mixed, effectively constructed soundscapes to soundtrack your projects to a tee. Whether you’re looking to add background texture to your sound recording, shooting a film that needs a soundtrack or creating a unique ambience for an elite event, Frog can construct the ideal soundtrack for you.

State-of-The-Art Recording Equipment

Rest assured we’re catching ultra-high-quality immersive spatial audio for you thanks to our top of the range Ambeo surround microphone and Sennheiser stereo pair microphones. Beyond that, we ensure seamless, zero-noise mixing with Sound Devices’ MixPre 6, to create a pre-mixed soundscape that is truly flawless and ideal for your needs. 

Committed Sound Gathering

We at Frog love hunting for immersive sounds. Through more than a decade of film making, we’ve gained capability in all things audio visual, and have particularly fallen for the audio side of the AV pairing. 

So, if you’re looking for the kind of high-quality soundscapes that can only be captured and constructed with real commitment and sound-design experience, look to Frog.

Expert Editing and Reproduction

From pre-mix to post-mix to building a smooth, layered audio environment that works perfectly for your purposes. We go beyond great sound capture to leading audio mixing practice to ensure that our finished products are functional and perfect in every way. 

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Our Services Include:

True 3D Audio Recording

Immerse your listeners in a true and accurate audio experience like no other, thanks to our cutting-edge 3D audio capture equipment and method.

Ambient Field Sound Recording

If there’s an environment, somewhere that you need capturing, we can get it for you, recorded and mixed to the truest, realistic quality. We can provide true 3D, binaural, ultra-high-quality stereo field soundscapes, and more, suited to your reproduction platform.

Website and App Soundscapes

Frog specialise in creating effective, optimised soundscapes for a range of digital media, including soundtracks for websites and apps.

Gallery and Museum Display Accompaniment

Turn your gallery or museum into a not-to-be-missed exhibit with an atmosphere-building soundscape, perfectly fitted to the subject of the exhibition.

Ready to capture the unheard with Frog's Soundscape & field sound recording Services?