Crafting Exceptional Visual Stories: Your Pro Video Production Company

Extensive High-Level Experience

Looking to stand out on film? Do it with an experienced film marketing specialist. The people behind Frog have worked for all the major ex-terrestrial channels – BBC, ITV, Channel4 and Channel 5 as well as a range of other companies looking to get films or ads in the bag. 

We’ve created high-level marketing and communication content of all kinds for numerous different clients and we specialise in promotional film production.

Award-Winning Video Production Company

We have won awards for Yorkshire Filmmaker of the Year and Best Brand Film Production Agency – Northern England.

Our film professionals are dedicated to directing the best film possible for your organisation. It’s what we’re best at.

Film - Marketing That Moves People

Video is the easiest way to catch and hold your audience’s attention. It is the simplest way to keep them engaged while you tell them something entertaining and worthwhile.

Everybody loves a story, and no one enjoys anything better than sitting down to watch it on film. It’s not for nothing that Hollywood makes hundreds of millions per month. 

We at Frog are specialists at keeping your preferred viewers’ bum on their seat and their eyes on your screen. Not to mention making the interest work for your company.

Targeting Your Audience

Tailor a message precisely to your target audience and reap the rewards with the help of Frog Marketing.

The play button is the most compelling call-to-action on the web.

Michael Litt

Our Services Include:

Brand Videos

Introduce your business and brand to the world and give them a reason to get excited about you.  Whether you’re kicking off a new brand or relaunching an old one, a brand video can really put your organisation’s name in lights!

Demonstration & Explainer Videos

‘How’ is one of the most commonly asked questions on the internet: How does it work? How do I do it? How do I find out such and such? Answer these questions and you can get to the top of the Google rankings while getting the right information into the heads of your prospects.

Testimonial Videos

A written testimonial is good, but a video testimonial is 100 times better. Make your company shine and reel in the recommendations with our brilliantly shot testimonial videos.

Social Media Videos

Videos are more engaging than almost anything else on social media. With Frog’s help, you can create a stir, publish an advertisement and even go viral.

Webinars & Training

Train your staff or the people that buy and  use your products to ensure they are put to the best use possible.

Commercial Ads

There are a huge variety of potential videos for us to shoot, but let’s not forget simply pointing a camera at a product and trying to get people to buy it in the style of a good ol’ advert.

Let us put your brand’s name in lights

We will build engagement, leads and sales for your organisation.

Elevate Your Brand with Frog Marketing's Film & Video production Services

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