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Ogino - Some journeys are worth making

We’ve been big fans of Ogino for a long time. Celebrating authentic Japanese cuisine in the heart of Beverley, its menu never fails to present something that excites all of the senses at once. So needless to say, when owner Julian Ogino-Stamford said that he wanted a video production service that wordlessly tells the story behind every dish, we leapt at the opportunity to work with him.

The shoot took place over three days. On day one we started very early, arriving at Beverley Westwood at 6am to catch the sunrise and some beautiful aerial shots and driving scenes that wouldn’t have been possible later on. This included a visit to Frith Farm in Beverley, where Julian picked up some locally grown, organic produce that had been freshly handpicked by Ben Frith himself.

Video Production Service - Ogino Japanese Restaurant in Beverley, East Yorkshire

The second day of filming focused on the handheld and slider shots, which were the perfect method of showing the skill and precision that goes into every Ogino meal. Working with chefs and revealing exactly how food is prepared is a very meticulous job, as we need to capture each detail perfectly without causing disruption to the kitchen. Using art direction, clear communication and our mastery of lighting, we managed to get everything we needed smoothly and effectively.

On the third filming day, our Steadicam Scout was put into action to achieve silky smooth motion through the restaurant, following the waiter from the kitchen to the diners’ table. This was the final stage in the behind the scenes approach of joining the food on its journey all the way from seasonal ingredients to the finished result, inviting the viewer to get a full understanding of the origin and preparation of a dish. Simultaneously, the audience engages with the human side of the business through visual narrative and, most importantly, feels an appetite growing in the process.

Close-ups and detailed shots take this idea further still. A momentary glimpse of high quality oils and a vintage wine, chopsticks effortlessly lifting a delicacy and steam curling upwards from a plate – each of these striking instants combine to create the overall experience that you, the diner, can enjoy.

As you can see from our video, Japanese fine dining is an art form, complete with wow factor when an extra special creation is unveiled to the customer. Isn’t it time you visited Ogino for a taste of the Orient?

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