The Art of Video Marketing: Design Principles for Cool Visuals


Video marketing is an art – a dance of visuals and sound that can mesmerise and engage viewers. As the old proverb tells us, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and the truth of this wisdom extends to video content as well. In this guide, we’re setting off on a journey to uncover the core design principles that will empower you to breathe life into your visuals and craft a mesmerising tableau for your video marketing campaigns. Through these captivating visuals, your brand will not only catch the viewer’s eye but also etch a lasting impression in their minds.

Colour Theory

The Power of Palette Selection Colour is much more than a mere decorative element; it’s a powerful storyteller that sets the tone for your video. By understanding and applying colour theory, you can carefully curate a colour palette that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your video but also aligns with your brand identity and message. Dive deep into the emotional associations of different colours and select shades that harmoniously blend with your brand and the sentiments you aim to express. Checkout my article on Making Your Content More Engaging with Goethe’s Colour Theory


The Art of Text Hierarchy. Your video’s text is not just about delivering information; it’s a design element that should complement your overall visual narrative. Picking the right font requires a thoughtful balance between readability, style and size. Create a clear text hierarchy using different font sizes, weights and colours to distinguish between headings, subheadings, and body text. This well-ordered hierarchy allows viewers to effortlessly follow and digest the information presented in your video.


Mastering the Rule of Thirds. A well-composed shot is like a beautifully arranged piece of music—it significantly enhances the visual appeal of your video. One of the golden rules of composition is the Rule of Thirds. Imagine your frame divided into a 3×3 grid and position the key elements along the gridlines or at the intersections. This technique crafts visual balance and infuses dynamism and engagement into your shots.

Visual Consistency

The Backbone of Branding Visual Consistency is the linchpin that holds your video together, creating a cohesive aesthetic and reinforcing your brand identity. Weave your brand’s logo, colours and fonts into your video design, ensuring these elements echo across all your marketing materials. This consistency is key to fostering brand recognition and cultivating trust among your audience.

The Power of Negative Space Negative Space, the unoccupied area surrounding your frame’s main subjects, is a potent design tool. Use it wisely to draw the viewer’s attention to your subject, create a sense of balance and stir specific emotions. Consider the interplay between your subjects and the negative space to craft visually arresting compositions.

Motion and Animation

Adding a Spark of Life Adding Motion and Animation to your content can infuse depth, intrigue and energy into your video. From simple transitions and text animations to elaborate motion graphics, these elements can take your visuals to a whole new level, creating a more immersive viewing experience. However, remember the golden rule—less is more. Excessive movement can be distracting and might overshadow your core message.

Lighting and Contrast

Setting the Stage Lighting is the unsung hero in setting the mood, emphasising crucial elements and infusing depth into your video. Experiment with different lighting techniques and setups to create the atmosphere and visual style you desire. Moreover, harness the power of contrast to enhance the clarity of your text and establish a sense of visual hierarchy.

Visual Storytelling

The Language of Symbolism Visual Storytelling is a language that uses visual elements to convey your message and stir emotions in your audience. Use symbols, metaphors and visual cues to communicate your story and forge a deeper connection with your viewers.

Checkout trends in video marketing that can make your videos more engaging:

  1. Shorts: Brief, vertical format videos that tell a quick story. These videos are only a few seconds in length and are popular on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram Reels. Topics include pranks, silly animals and how-tos.
  2. Trending Audio: Videos with popular songs, voiceovers, or sound effects that match the video content. These videos can generate a lot of engagement, especially when combined with trending elements such as hashtags.
  3. Sequential Storytelling: Videos with a clear beginning, middle and end. This narrative format resonates with audiences and creates more effective adverts. You can tell a single story across multiple videos, building the story over time.
  4. User-Generated Video: Videos created by users themselves, which often have an authentic look to them.
  5. Interactive Video: Videos that include interactive elements, such as virtual reality experiences, games or links. This trend continues the engagement after the video ends, providing the viewer with something to do next.
  6. TikTok Style: Short, fun, and energetic videos that deliver information through entertainment, often using dance moves, funny jingles or pranks.
  7. Longer-Format Video: Longer videos that maintain viewer engagement throughout. A study found that videos longer than 15 minutes account for 50 percent of all video engagement.
  8. Educational and Training Content: Videos that teach viewers about new products, services or concepts. Many consumers prefer watching videos to learn about new products or services.
  9. More Live “Stories”: Real-time, in-the-moment videos that create an authentic connection with viewers. Many audiences prefer live video from a brand over reading a blog post or social media post.
  10. More Personal Video Interactions: Individual or group interactions via live video chat, which can be used for sales and marketing purposes.
  11. Soundless Optimisation: Videos optimised for viewing without sound, such as those with captions or on-screen instructions. Many social media users watch videos without sound for various reasons.

Reference: these are a summary of 15+ Video Marketing Trends for 2023 from Design Shack

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Cairn is an award-winning filmmaker and marketing director with experience working with major UK channels like BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5. He was named Yorkshire Filmmaker of the Year in 2021.

Cairn loves telling stories through brand narratives, documentaries, ads and corporate films. With skills as a Director of Photography, Steadicam Operator, and Camera Operator, he brings creative visions to life.

Outside of work, he enjoys scuba diving and kayaking. He is also knowledgeable in SEO, marketing strategy, soundscapes and food/commercial photography.

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