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Richard Silvester, an artist of incredible skill, is known both as a captivating singer and a virtuoso guitarist. His career has been a testament to the development of these talents, enabling him to cement his position as a versatile and accomplished performer in the music industry. His voice, a potent blend of strength and sensitivity, captivates audiences, often leaving them deeply touched. His guitar skills, a fascinating mix of technical brilliance and sheer emotion, harmonise perfectly with his vocals, resulting in an undeniably mesmerising musical display. As a prominent film production company in the UK, we recognised that Richard was the perfect subject for a promotional video aimed at showcasing his wedding musician services. He had a clear vision of his goals, the message he wanted to convey, and the image he wished to project. Plus, his professional skills meant he could provide an exceptional soundtrack for the project. 

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Richard is an accomplished guitarist and tutor with years of experience under his belt. Now, he’s eager to launch a new phase in his career as a wedding guitarist.

His goal is a challenging one: to fill his calendar with at least two scheduled performances for nearly every weekend of the year. This would daunt many, but we at Frog relish such challenges, especially when the performance is as compelling as Richard’s. 

The message we aim to broadcast is a harmonious balance of contrasts: Richard boasts decades of experience, but each wedding he plays is infused with a unique sound and energy. His extensive and varied repertoire allows him to customise a set list for every couple, and he’s always ready to take requests. Simultaneously, his deep understanding of classic wedding songs ensures he can perform them with flawless precision. 

The challenging wedding standard for strings, an unexpected choice for a guitarist, encapsulates Richard’s essence perfectly. It reflects his experience, versatility, and deep knowledge. The image of Richard, smartly dressed but with a subtle hint of his rock-and-roll roots, strikes the perfect balance between freshness and sophistication. A little strategic editing, and we had an impressive early promo video.

As we continue our collaboration, we’re developing a booking website for Richard and filming more videos of his spectacular performances. We’re also working on his search engine optimisation around his website, blog and social media channels to improve his rankings on the search engines. We can’t wait to see what more we can create with this gifted performer. 

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