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Filming for a great cause

We recently set up an amazing day of filming. Our film production company captured the promotional video for a charity named Hull Homeless Community Project. They work hard to stop people from becoming homeless. They also help those who are already homeless.

The team for this movie project was great. We had Cairn Emmerson as the Cinematographer, Paul Morris as the Film Director, and Aimee Bant as the Production Assistant. Andrew Smith, the CEO of the charity, was also there. Rich Sutherland, who was handling the social media, and David Robinson, the photographer, were also part of the team. We filmed in Hull’s Old Town, near a coffee shop with big windows and yummy cakes.

Making Ideas Come to Life

A few weeks before the shoot, Cairn, Andrew and Rich met for a coffee. They discussed different ideas for the film. Some ideas were serious, and others were a bit funny. After bouncing ideas back and forth, they created the movie you can see below.

HHCP behind the scenes

The Heartwarming Story

The movie tells a simple but powerful story. It’s about a homeless man named Tom who lives in a doorway. People usually ignore him. But a kind woman named Pam buys him a coffee and chats with him. We won’t give away the end, but we’re proud of how it turned out. The message is encouraging and urges viewers to help. The actors, Oli Strong and Amelia Grimes, were great to work with. They kept their spirits high even on a cold January morning.

A Big Thank You

We’re grateful to Hull City Council for letting us film. Chris Harrison and his team at Riverhouse Coffee were also super supportive. They let us film at their place and even gave us an electrical socket for our lights. The team helped make everything go smoothly. If you’re around, make sure to drop by their shop – their soup and sandwiches are great.

HHCP is an important charity. It relies on donations from people and businesses. If you want to help out, call 01482 231278. Even a small chat with a homeless person can mean a lot to them.

Want to know more about us? Our creative team at our film production company loves to tell stories. We’ll share your brand’s message and passion with the world.

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