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Full marketing service ramps up sales

It’s a cliché, but sometimes you just have to go big or go home. We originally met Earthmover Tyre Solutions to discuss photography and video provision, but ultimately pitched to take control of their full campaign. This was the best way to ensure all our work, from film to web design, generated maximum returns for the client.

When Sadie of ETS contacted us about photography and video for their new website, we knew we could do a lot more to help the business out. The little kids inside of us would have happily gone and grabbed some shots of the big, powerful machines and passed them back to ETS. However, the children who played with diggers have grown into adults who work in marketing and use words like ‘however’. Those adults knew that some significant changes to ETS’s website and marketing could make the difference to the company’s whole promotional outlook.

South Cave Tyre Fitters Web Designer

Sadie from ETS told us that the company were looking to step up their online marketing and to start getting calls through the new website they were having built. 

Looking at the plans for the site, our Director Cairn could tell that the site wasn’t going to achieve this, with or without our shots. The structure was no good and there was no customer journey; nothing to lead people from wherever they start out to the point where contact ETS. 

Cairn told ETS that this was absent, and that it was the all-important difference between a site that just sat there, and one that made money. Impressed by our diagnostic approach oriented around their goals, ETS took us on and put us in charge of their online marketing. 

Getting to work quickly, we focused first on their planning and branding. The latter needed developing and clarifying in a way that would work effectively online before we could start on the site. Sadie has been kind enough to tell us that she was impressed with the branding right from the off, complimenting our logo designs in particular. 

We next planned and redesigned the website carefully, focusing on designing routes that all ended in calls to the company. As well as the website, we’ve been able to support ETS with social media, blog writing, photography and videos. 

Frog had some good ideas. Cairn made us think about how we wanted to benefit from the services and we just thought he knew what he was talking about, so we went ahead.

We know the website is working well because we’ve had lots of calls through from it, so we’ve gained some valuable business, so that’s gone to plan. That was the main objective. So far, so good.

Sadie Hubbard – Director – Earthmover Tyre Solutions

Frog Marketing filming a corporate video for ETS

It has all come good in the end, too. The ETS team have been happy to work with us and Sadie reports they are more than satisfied with the number of calls coming from their new website, declaring it mission accomplished. The company are also appearing above their main competitor on Google now, which is a bonus. This is thanks to our comprehensive link-building and SEO services.

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